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PRG Program (Student Fee Facilities)

Each year, UCLA allocates $240,000 of Student Services Fee funds and $300,000 of Chancellor's Opportunity funds to support maintenance, repair, and/or construction projects at eligible facilities. To be eligible for these funds, a facility must be Student Fee funded space or other special non-state funded space. Student Services Fee funds are restricted to use in student fee facilities. Chancellor Opportunity funds are not restricted but must follow the PRG eligibility requirements. Buildings that qualify as Student Fee Space are Pauley, SCRC, LATC, Drake (including Marshall Field), Kaufman Pool, SAC Pool, the IM Field, and the North Athletic Field. Special other non-state buildings are Royce (theater area only), Jackie Robinson Stadium, and Easton Stadium.

Overseeing the execution of this program is a PRG Committee comprised of:

  • AVC Facilities Management (FM)
  • AVC Student Affairs
  • Executive Director, Cultural & Recreational Affairs
  • Director, UCLA Recreation Assistant
  • Director, Capital Programs/Capital Planning & Finance
  • Director of Operations, School of Arts & Architecture
  • Strategic Planning Analyst, Academic Planning & Budget
  • Associate Athletic Director, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Director, FM Maintenance and Alterations
  • Student Representatives (One graduate and one undergraduate)
  • FM Executive Officer (Program Administrator)


The following is the timeline for the annual PRG process:

  • Early to Mid-September: AVC FM issues a Call Letter to the Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs; Dean, School of Arts and Architecture; and the Director, Intercollegiate Athletics, with a copy to the PRG Committee soliciting project nominations
  • Mid-October: AVC FM solicits the names of the two Student Representatives from the Office of the Vice Chancellor/Student Affairs and sends a copy of the Call Letter to the Student Representatives via the Office of the Vice Chancellor/Student Affairs.
  • Mid-November (avoiding any conflicts with Finals): AVC FM schedules an orientation meeting with the Student representatives and the Strategic Planning Analyst, Academic Planning & Budget.
  • Late January to Early February: AVC FM issues a Summary Letter of all proposed PRG projects to PRG Committee members in preparation for the Committee's review.
  • Late February: PRG Committee meets to review project nominations and develop a recommended list of projects, including an $80,000 Contingency Fund, to the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC).
  • Late February to Early March: AVC FM issues a letter to the SFAC Chair, with copy to the PRG Committee, listing the projects nominated by the PRG Committee. SFAC then writes a letter to the Chancellor with their recommendation of whether to approve the list of projects.
  • The Chancellor takes the PRG Committee letter along with the SFAC recommendation into consideration when deciding whether to approve the project list. The Chancellor writes a letter back to SFAC with the final approval.

Funds Reallocation

Whenever there is a need to draw from PRG Contingency Funds for unforeseen PRG requirements or for PRG projects that have exceeded their budget, the AVC FM will notify the PRG Committee in advance via email. At the end of each PRG program year's execution, the AVC FM will move all remaining funds from unspent contingency and from any PRG projects that completed under their budget to the following year's PRG program balance.

Point of Contact

Questions regarding the PRG program should be directed to the FM Executive Officer.


In 2022...

The PRG met on June 7, 2022 and the project list below, along with the PRG funding recommendations, was unanimously approved for submission to SFAC and to the Chancellor. The list represents the top priorities of the organizational units that submitted the projects. This year's total available funding includes funding from prior years due to cancellation and closing out of previous projects. As noted above, the typical annual PRG budget is $540,000 (plus a small amount of funding from summer recreation sales). This includes $240,000 from SFAC and $300,000 from the Chancellor. This year the total available funding, including returning funds, was $614,399.

Even with these additional resources, the funds were still completely insufficient to meet the requirements of these student fee-funded facilities. We have left the requested maintenance projects this year that we could not fund ($328,062) in the proposal information below for visibility. In other words, we are still finding ourselves deferring critical projects due to funding challenges. The SFAC funding for PRG has not increased despite increasing labor costs, drastically increasing material prices, and continuing aging and degradation of student fee-funded facilities. The PRG has again recommended strong consideration for increased PRG funding to avoid the untimely failure of these highly visible facilities.

2021-22 PRG Projects Proposal

Sources of Funding      
 2020-21 Unallocated             54,514    
 Central Funds Perm (69996)           300,000    
 SSF Perm           240,000    
 Summer Rec Share             19,885    
 Total Funds Available          614,399    
Proposed Uses of Funding Requests to Fund Requests Outside of 2021-22 Budget Total Requests
JWC and SAC Floor Refinishing         85,000                      -         85,000
Tennis Court Resurfacing         40,000                      -         40,000
Drake Track Resurfacing         40,000                      -         40,000
Intramural Field Maintenance         30,000                      -         30,000
Spieker Deck Hatch Replacement         30,000                      -         30,000
Tennis Court Hydroblast              -               132,000       132,000
 Subtotal Recreation Requests        225,000               132,000       357,000
Royce Wireless Microphone System         15,461                     -         15,461
Royce Stage LED Lights (Note 1)             -                     -              -
 Subtotal Arts Requests         15,461                     -         15,461  
Facilities Management      
Re-plaster Family Pool (Note 2)       206,438               108,562       315,000
Kaufman Pool 2 Heat Exchangers Replacement (Note 3)         87,500                87,500       175,000
Subtotal Facilities Management Requests       293,938              196,062       490,000
 Total Requests      534,399              328,062      862,461
  Total Sources           614,399  
  Total Proposed Uses         (534,399)  
  2021-22 Contingency           (80,000)  
  Balance                       -    


  1. The $45K request for LED Stage Lights will be funded by Facilities Management outside of this process as an energy saving project.
  2. Total project cost is $315K. $206.4K is set aside this 2021-22 cycle, and $108.6K will be allocated in the next 2022-23 cycle when the project will be executed and completed. 
  3. Total project cost is $175K. One of the heat exchangers will be replaced in this 2021-22 cycle for $87.5K and the other will be replaced in the next 2022-23 cycle for $87.5K.