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Office Refresh Program

Are you in need of an office facelift for $8,300?

UCLA Facilities Management provides an Office Refresh Program that can deliver economical and swift improvements to your department. Simply choose an office you would like to update, select from a list of colors and styles, and work with our project manager to schedule a launch for the project. This program does not apply to suites or large common areas. 

Program Highlights

  • Fresh coat(s) of paint on the office wall areas
  • Freshly painted, newer looking ceilings
  • Modern flooring with new base - Carpet/Vinyl Planking
  • New blinds (if office has windows that currently have blinds)

See below for the available options (substitutions may result in an additional cost).

Timeline & Ease of Business

  • No estimate required
  • Project duration of 5 business days (depending on square footage of office)
  • A dedicated project manager will be the sole point of contact throughout each and every Office Refresh project
  • A detailed schedule will be provided prior to beginning the project
  • The project requires uninterrupted access to the office for one week

How to Request an Office Refresh

  1. From the Submit Request page, select Submit FSR
  2. Provide your Campus Department information
  3. Select the "Request a Written Estimate" option, and state that you are requesting an office refresh in the short description of the FSR 


Contact Information

UCLA Facilities Management Paint Shop

Carlos Montoya - Manager
Phone: (310) 206-2265
Victor Garcia - Supervisor
Phone: (310) 206-8901