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Design and Project Management's process for managing your project


At Design and Project Management (DPM), our Mission is to work collaboratively with our clients to establish the key objectives for a project – programmatic goals & requirements, budget, and schedule – and build it in the most expeditious manner integrating sustainable practices in construction.  Our focus throughout the process to design and building the space is to use the objectives as a guide to meet and hopefully improve upon them, while creating spaces that serve our client’s mission and vision. 

DPM Project Teams are collaborative, innovative, and proactive.  Our focus is to complete your project on time or ahead of schedule, and within the approved budget.  Our Teams, composed of a project manager, architect, interior designer, and superintendent, as well as our leadership team for support, will review with our clients at the onset the project’s needs and aspirations that will be used to prepare a Project Charter, that will codify these and used by our team as a guide throughout the project to make decisions about the scope, schedule and budget.  We will research fire/life safety requirements governing your project, assess existing conditions that may impact the final design, and develop conceptual design options for our clients to visualize the new space, along with an estimate of probable costs and construction schedule to review with the client.

Once a concept is approved, the Team will complete the design, assessing the most cost effective means to build out the space, permit the project and update the estimate of probable costs, and review these with the client for their final approval before starting construction.  During construction, we will provide regular updates on its progress, and inform you of any changes that may be necessary for approval.  As construction is finishing, we will walk the space with the client to review any outstanding issues (“punch list walk”) and make any approved corrections.  Once that is complete, the space will be turned over for move in and occupancy.

Our dedicated Project Teams are committed to success.  Our process ensures that our clients are active participants in this process and are able to make informed decisions about their space.  To keep you informed of the progress on your project, we have a Dashboard for each project that documents key information and monthly updates.  If you don’t already have access to it, please ask your Project Team and they will facilitate getting that for you.

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