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Deferred Maintenance Program

Deferred maintenance refers to major facility renewals and repairs that are delayed for budgetary reasons. Our program of deferred maintenance concentrates on building systems with 20 - 30 year life cycles that have exceeded their life expectancies, such as air conditioning, electrical, elevators, heating, plumbing, and roofing. UCLA receives state funding each fiscal year to perform deferred maintenance, and also inspects and tracks the progress of these projects. 

DM Report as of May 14, 2024  

Job Number Description Status % Complete
   FY20-21 AB94 DM Report    
E4882 Replace Stream & Water Supply, Botanical Gardens Construction 95%
E4883 Replace Roadway Surface, WW Blvd, LeConte to CEY Complete Completed 5/23
E4884 Replace Central Station AHU-6 Molecular Sciences Building Awaiting Material 5%
E4885 Replace Central Station AHU-1, Fowler Museum Awaiting Material  95%
E4886 Replace Buried Glass Lab Waste Pipe & Fittings, Boyer Hall Complete Completed 2/24
E4887 Replace Condensate Return Pump, Math Sciences Building Complete Completed 11/23
   FY19-20, 21-22 DM Report    
DB1164 Clean HVAC distribution ducting - Gonda Complete Completed 10/22
DB1172 AH-8 (25+ years), Replace unit - Boelter  Construction 98%
DB1173 AH-9 (40+) years, Replace Multizone Unit - Franz Design 23%
DB1174 Repair Roof Exterior - Public Affairs Complete Completed 3/22
DB1176 Elevator Control System Replacement Cabs 179/180/181/182 P.A.  Complete Completed 5/23
DB1177 Elevator Control System Replacement Cab 178- Public Affairs Complete Completed 10/23
DB1178 Elevator Control System Replacement - YRL Complete Completed 5/23
DB1179 Elevator Control System Replacement  Cabs 236 & 237- YRL Complete Completed 9/23
FY19-20 State Funded DM     
DB1301 AHU-17 and AHU-20 Replacement, CHS Design 19%
DB1302 Replace Terminal and Package Units (10 AHUs) - Boelter Hall Construction 40%
DB1303 Replace Controls and Instrumentation-Melnitz Hall Construction 55%
DB1304 Replace Controls and Instrumentation-Slichter Hall Construction 47%
DB1305 Replace Distribution Systems-Boyer Hall Construction 75%
DB1306 Replace Terminal and Package Units (10 AHUs) - Geology Construction 73%
DB1307 Replace Cooling Generating Systems-Bunche Hall Awaiting Material 49%
DB1308 Replace Controls, Instrumentation, Terminal & Package Units-Law Design 13%
DB1309 Replace Electrical Service/Distribution-Knudsen  Awaiting Material 83%
DB1310 Replace Lighting & Branch Wiring-Life Sciences Complete Completed 10/23
DB1311 Replace Dist. Systems, Terminal & Package Units (5 AHUs) - Vivarium Construction 39%
DB1312 Replace Building Envelope to Correct Water Intrusion-GSEIS Design 3%
DB1313 Repair Structural Foundation, Boelter Hall Complete Completed 2/22
DB1314 Replace Built-up Roofing, Flashing & Aluminum Mill Finish-CoGen Design 20%
DB1315 Replace Roof Coverings - Young Hall Design 8%
DB1316 Replace Controls, Instrumentation-NRB Design 4%
DB1317 AHU-41 Replacement, Clinical Research Design 50%
DB1318 Replace Electrical Service/Distribution-Clinical Research Awaiting Material 29%
DB1319 Replace Terminal and Package Units-Lab School 1 Complete Completed 5/22
DB1320 Replace Terminal and Package Units-EH&S Complete Completed 10/22
DB1321 Replace Interior Doors-Eng 4 Complete Completed 6/22
DB1322 Replace Energy Supply - Eng 4 Complete Completd 5/22
DB1323 Replace Electrical Service/Distribution Geology Construction 64%
DB1324 Replace Lighting & Branch Wiring Knudsen Hall Complete Completed 4/24
DB1325 Replace Roof Openings, Auditorium -Knudsen Hall Complete Completed 11/22
DB1326 Replace Roof Openings, Main Building-Knudsen Hall Complete Completed 8/23
DB1327 Replace Sprinklers - Knudsen Hall Complete Completed 5/22
DB1328 Replace Built-up Roofing- Life Sciences Awaiting Material 0%
DB1329 Replace Lighting & Branch Wiring-Boelter Hall Complete Completed 2/24
DB1330 Water Conserving Fixture Replacement Phase 1-Boelter Complete Completed 10/23
DB1331 Water Conserving Fixture Replacement Phase 2-Boelter Hall Complete Completed 10/23
DB1332 Replace Sprinklers - Slichter Hall Complete Completed 5/22
DB1333 Replace Electrical Service/Distribution-Marion Davies Construction 95%
DB1334 Replace Electrical Service - Boyer Hall Construction 88%
DB1335 Replace Plumbing Fixtures-Boyer Hall Complete Completed 11/22
DB1336 Replace Controls and Instrumentation-Boyer Hall Complete Completed 6/23
DB1337 Replace Lighting & Branch Wiring-Psychology Bldg Complete Completed 6/23
DB1340 Replace Terminal and Package Units-Schoenberg  Complete Completed 2/23
DB1341 Replace Sanitary Waste Piping-Dentistry Complete Completed 12/23
DB1342 Replace Sprinklers-Dentistry Complete Completed 5/22
DB1343 Replace Sprinklers - Law Bldg. Complete Completed 5/22
DB1344 Replace Elevator Control Systems- Law Cabs 367, 368, 162 and 163 Construction 70%
DB1345 Replace Lighting & Branch Wiring - CHS Construction 51%
DB1346 Replace Controls and Instrumentation - CHS Complete Completed 2/24
DB1347 Replace Controls and Instrumentation-Vivarium Complete Completed 5/24
DB1348 Replace CHS Package unit 1st floor Complete Completed 5/23
DB1349 Replace overage 1st level plywood deck -Melnitz Complete Completed 10/22
DB1350 Replace HVAC Unit AH-1 and Compressor, Cyclotron Complete Completed 7/23
FY21-22 State Funded DM    
AB94 AHU Replacement, CHS, BRI and Semel Construction 95%
FY22-23 DM Report      
DB1419 Replace Controls & Instrumentation, BSRB Design 10%
DB1409 Replace Terminal & Package Units, Brain Research Institute Complete Completed 4/24
DB1420 Replace Distribution Systems, Reed Awaiting Material 77%
DB1421 Replace Terminal and Package Units, Reed Complete  
DB1410 Replace Controls & Instrumentation, Factor Awaiting Material 37%
DB1411 Replace Distribution Systems, Factor Construction 75%
DB1422 Replace Controls & Instrumentation, Geology Design 26%
DB1412 Replace Distribution Systems, Geology Awaiting Material 95%
DB1413 Replace Elevator Cab 149, Geology Awaiting Material 95%
DB1414 Replace Elevator Cab 150, Geology Awaiting Material 81%
DB1423 Replace Distribution Systems, Slichter Design 40%
DB1415 Replace Distribution Systems, Marion Davies Complete Completed 7/23
DB1424 Replace Controls & Instrumentation, Orthopaedic Hospital Research Ctr Design 2%
DB1416 Replace Distribution Systems, Dentistry Construction 32%
DB1425 Replace Terminal and Package Units, Dentistry Design 4%
DB1417 Replace Distribution Systems, CHS Construction 21%
DB1426 Replace Terminal and Package Units, CHS Construction 20%
DB1427 Replace Controls & Instrumentation, Young Hall Construction 3%
DB1418 Replace Distribution Systems, Young Hall Awaiting Material 24%
DB1428 Replace Terminal and Package Units, Young Hall Awaiting Material 67%
DB1406 Replace Light Fixtures, Melnitz Hall Awaiting Material 2%
DB1407 Replace Fire Retardant Curtains, Freud Theater, Macgowan Complete Completed 9/23
DB1408 Replace Fire Retardant Curtains, Bridges Theater, Macgowan Complete Completed 9/23
DB1404 Replace Piping, Ductile Iron, 6", Steam Piping & Fittings, Rolfe Complete Completed 6/23
DB1405 Replace Valve 6", Ductile Iron Steam, Rolfe Complete Completed 6/23
DB1402 Replace Automatic Transfer Switch, CNSI Complete Completed 3/23
DB1401 Repl. Triplex Valves/Piping, DeNeve Water Station, Campus Complete Completed 3/23
DB1403 Replace Inverted Fountain Pumps and Check Valves, Campus Complete Completed 3/23
DB1429 Repair General Assignment Clasroom 2760, Boelter Hall Design 21%