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Frequently Asked Questions

FSR (Facilities Service Requests)

If you want work done without an estimate, you will need a Blanket number and a tag number to fill out the FSR form.

If you need an estimate, you will need your Full Accounting Unite (FAU). 

There are three options on the FSR page: Existing Blanket requests, New Blanket number requests, Written Estimate requests. If you are unsure which option to choose, please call Customer Service at (310) 206-8847. 

A Blanket number is the number that Facilities Management uses to identify your account. Blanket numbers are assigned to FAUs much like a checking account number is linked to your bank account. 

Please check with your accounting department or MSO for these numbers. Many departments on campus have multiple FAUs and blanket numbers, and only your accounting department will be able to tell you which account or number you should use. Facilities Management is not authorized to determine which blanket or FAUs should be used. 

If you don't know your Blanket number, but have a recharge ID:
Enter your Department on the PSR page, and click the blue blanket # link to enter your recharge ID. A list will appear with the Blanket number(s) associated with the recharge number. 

The General Ledger only shows the total amount charged, but does not break down the bill by work order.

You can view the detailed information online at FM's Billing on the Web (BOTW) site. BOTW allows you to view your detailed bill with the charges for each month, work orders, short descriptions of the work, and past bills that have been archived. If you do not have a BOTW account, please submit a New User Request at Billing on the Web to set up an account. 

Alternatively, you can email Customer Service at to obtain more detailed information.

The estimate breakdown is sent to clients for approval, but no bill is generated on the Billing on the Web side. The estimate will show on your ledger as a lien. 

Schedules of the shops on campus are varied according to their current workload. You will receive an email letting you know when your job is scheduled. If you need very detailed scheduling information, please contact us Customer Service at and we will do our best to help.

Unfortunately, no. A written estimate is the only way to ensure that you are billed the amount you agree to. Blanket jobs are charged as they are done, and our billing system is not set up to accommodate a verbal estimate.

Space Inventory 

You can find the Space Inventory website here:

An accountis notrequired to access building and floor level data. 

An accountisrequired to access room level data.

You can request for an account by submitting a Request for User ID on the Space Inventory website. 

Please email any questions, comments, or concerns