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Building Coordinators

Facilities Management works with an important network of key volunteer representatives across campus—the Building Coordinators.

Building Coordinators are volunteers who keep building occupants notified of outages, serve as interface regarding the appropriate use and maintenance of public areas within buildings, and act as liaisons for a number of other key functions.

  • Notifies building occupants of impending access interruption to public areas/utilities in the building and/or in surrounding areas. 
  • Forwards all campus outage notices to building occupants.
  • Forwards notices of construction work in the building and/or in surrounding areas that could affect occupants in areas other than departmental space.
  • Coordinates building occupants' response and serves as an interface regarding the appropriate use and maintenance of public areas within buildings.
  • Works as building liaison to other campus departments and units (e.g., Facilities Management, Environment, Health and Safety; UCPD; Emergency management, etc.) that provide support, assistance, and input to emergency preparedness planning.
  • May coordinate building key distribution to building occupants.
  • Trains an alternate to assume duties when the Building Coordinator is on vacation, absent, or not available. 
  • Notifies Facilities Building Coordinator Representative of personnel changes pertaining to Building Coordinators and Emergency After-Hours Contacts, including requests to be added to the Outage System as a Building Coordinator or Emergency After-Hours Contact.

Emergency Contacts

The information that Facilities Management maintains for emergency after-hours departmental/building contacts is confidential and for internal use by our Trouble Call Center dispatchers and management staff only, in the event of a building system failure or similar disaster requires notifying your department during off-hours. Past experience has shown that a minimum of two contact persons per area ensures the best response. Persons listed are also added to the Facilities Management Outage system to receive the Outage notices for each building attached to their profile; along with outages, FSR recipients are also selected from this system.

The primary and alternate contact persons for the department may be called when emergencies occur in a localized area within a building, or in the total building structure. Examples of such emergencies are a flood or electrical outage that threatens research equipment; a fire that threatens critical records; or a hazmat spill that requires closure of a building.

There are six designations for Emergency Contacts: 

  • P = Primary Contact
  • A = Alternate Contact
  • B = Building Systems
  • S = Signature Authority
  • CR = Critical Research
  • CH = Computer Hardware 

Updating Building Coordinator and Emergency Contact Information

You can update building coordinator and emergency contact information using the DocuSign forms below. Feel free to make corrections, additions, and deletions at any time during the year. Remember to alert us to retiring personnel or any other changes as soon as possible, including who to remove from the list. 

We recommend completing the form in one sitting as you will not be able to resume where you left off if you leave the page. You will enter your name and UCLA email, and the name and UCLA email address for your Supervisor. Once you complete the form, it will be routed via email to your Supervisor to sign, then to Facilities Management Customer Service for review and processing. 

You can contact Facilities Management Customer Service at with any questions.