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Upgrading Utility Metering at UCLA: A Leap Towards Efficiency!

electric meters

An old electric meter (left) and the new electric meter that replaced it (right) in Gonda

Exciting developments are underway on the UCLA campus as our Energy Services team embarks on a mission to rejuvenate our utility metering system. This vital project focuses on the thorough inspection and necessary replacement of outdated or malfunctioning meters across various buildings, ensuring heightened accuracy and efficiency in utility management.

Here’s What’s Happening: Our dedicated engineers are meticulously examining meters in every building, replacing and modernizing equipment as needed. Many of our existing meters require in-person readings by FM Electricians each month to collect crucial data. The upgrades will enable real-time online data acquisition, eliminating the need for monthly manual readings.

The Impact

Reduced Labor Costs: This modernization will decrease the laborious task of manual readings, allowing our electricians to address other essential tasks around campus.

Enhanced Data Accuracy: The new system will minimize the chances of errors, ensuring the data's utmost accuracy, which is paramount for Energy Services and the utility customers we proudly serve.

Immediate Decision-Making: Live utility data will empower Energy Services to conduct detailed energy analyses, enabling prompt decisions to meet the varying demands of our campus efficiently.

Long-Term Endeavor: With hundreds of meters scattered across campus, this transformative initiative will be a continuous endeavor, unfolding over the coming years.

What This Means for UCLA: The comprehensive revitalization of our utility metering system is a significant step towards a more sustainable and efficient campus. It not only paves the way for cost reduction and enhanced data accuracy but also facilitates swift and informed decision-making to cater to our campus's ever-evolving needs.

A Thank You Note: We extend our sincere gratitude to our Energy Services engineers and FM Electricians and Plumbers for their unwavering commitment and hard work. Together, we are building a brighter, more sustainable future for UCLA!

electrical box
Electrical box containing two energy meters (bottom) quantifying building cooling and heating and a meter data transmission device with a Wi-Fi antenna