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Strathmore Lobby Treated to a Fresh Look

Strathmore Lobby floor update

Refreshing the Strathmore lobby was a top priority as part of the ongoing renovation efforts by the Strathmore Career Center. To accomplish this, Student Affairs Vice Chancellor Monroe Gorden collaborated with Facilities Management to give the lobby a much-needed facelift. The outdated ceramic floor, which had surpassed its life expectancy, required a complete overhaul, and the walls needed a fresh coat of paint.

The project entailed a comprehensive process, including the removal of ceramic tiles, floor preparation, and the installation of new simulated wood vinyl plank flooring throughout the lobby and hallways on the first floor. Removing the existing floor was a challenging task that necessitated the use of a motorized floor removal machine by the skilled Flooring Crew. To ensure a smooth surface, our talented tradesmen applied a leveling compound to address any imperfections on the concrete slab. The final touch involved the installation of a modern and polished flooring, creating a visually appealing space.

Ceramic Tile Removal.jpg
FM Flooring Team removing the existing ceramic tile before installing the modern flooring.

The FM Flooring Team, comprising Gerry Morales, Joel Landaverde, Daniel Fregoso, Gabriel Cobian, Hector Calderon, and Jose Ayala successfully completed this remodel in seven days, which showcased their expertise and dedication to the project.