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Sleek Kitchenettes/Breakrooms Enhance Functionality and Appeal

semel breakroom after

Facilities Management’s Carpenter Shop completed modernization of outdated kitchenettes/break areas located in CHS, Semel, Moore Hall, and Bunche. The completed upgrade showcases a fresh, clean and streamlined look.

The renovations’ goal was to focus on maximizing functionality of existing spaces and employing simple color palettes that offers a clutter-free space for users to relax in. Teams from the Carpenter Shop fabricated and installed the attractive cabinetry that were more functional. Complementing the storage areas are modern countertops and polished flooring installed by the Flooring Crew. Each remodel was completed in approximately 4-6 months depending on the scope of the project.

CHS breakroom before renovation
CHS breakroom after renovation


Semel before semel after
semel breakroom before renovation
semel breakroom after


moore hall before moore hall after
Moore Hall Before renovation
Moore Hall After renovation


bunche before bunche after
bunche before renovation
bunche after renovation