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Revolutionizing Building Control with Advanced DDC Panels

ddc panels

In the ever-evolving landscape of smart buildings, UCLA’s in-house DDC Shop is pushing the boundaries of technology to create cutting-edge solutions for building control. Advanced Direct Digital Control (DDC) Panels offer enhanced connectivity, an intuitive user interface, support energy efficiency goals, and are highly scalable and customizable to meet every building’s needs.  They seamlessly integrate with existing systems, providing real-time control and on-site and remote monitoring.  By assembling and programming these custom DDC panels, the shop can improve HVAC system function and easily control machinery such as air handlers in buildings across campus to serve special events and increase energy savings.

A recent panel installation in UCLA’s Ackerman Hall showcases the DDC shop’s incredible contribution to the Campus’ function and goals. The panel shown uses reliable technology and custom code to integrate existing equipment into a virtual platform for monitoring and control. By performing all labor, assembly, and programming in-house, the shop eliminates the need for an external contractor to assist in these projects and prepares buildings for seamless integration of new equipment when it needs replacement. As panels continue to be installed throughout campus, the DDC shop is paving the way for UCLA’s bright future in advanced building controls!