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Plumbing Shop Helps Campus Weather Hurricane Hillary


In anticipation of the approaching Hillary hurricane at the end of August, the Facilities Management Plumbing Shop, in collaboration with various other Facilities teams, diligently undertook proactive maintenance measures in areas susceptible to flooding and potential leaks—commonly referred to as "Hot Spots." These precautionary actions encompassed the thorough snaking and hydro jetting of storm drains, area drains, roof drains, gutter drains, and trench drains. Additionally, the team strategically placed sandbags at doorways and other vulnerable locations.

During the peak of the storm on Sunday, August 20, 2023, when torrential rains and strong winds battered the campus, several dedicated employees from the Plumbing Shop volunteered to remain on campus. Their presence proved pivotal in preventing significant flooding and damage. As the drains began to overflow due to the deluge, they managed the situation by pumping and redirecting water, all while tirelessly removing debris strewn about by the powerful winds.