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LED Retrofits at UCLA: The LED Revolution Continues

knudsen hall LED retrofit

In a season where daylight diminishes, UCLA's campus is experiencing a radiant transformation! Today, we delve into the brilliant world of LED retrofits—a realm marked by enhanced energy efficiency and substantial cost savings, bidding farewell to the lackluster era of fluorescent bulbs in our buildings. Building upon the success of previous initiatives, Facilities Management intensifies its commitment to delivering optimal lighting quality campus-wide, ensuring a well-lit environment for students, staff, and educators alike. These endeavors, driven by energy services and executed by our dedicated electrical shop team, align with the LADWP CLIP program, offering rebates and incentives for LED retrofits that significantly slash energy consumption.

The most recent installation occurred at Boelter Hall and the Math-Science Complex. The retrofit targeted corridors, elevator lobbies, restrooms, and stairwells, resulting in an impressive annual energy savings of over 214,500 KWh—equivalent to $25,000 per year! This not only improved clarity and visibility in common areas but also showcased the added advantage of LED lightbulbs boasting a considerably longer lifespan compared to traditional fluorescents. As we celebrate the success of completed installations, it's crucial to note that these projects not only illuminate our spaces but also align with sustainability goals. The LED retrofits contribute to the reduction of UCLA's carbon footprint, setting a precedent for responsible energy consumption and environmental stewardship.

Stay tuned for exciting updates on the completion of ongoing projects and the unveiling of new initiatives in the upcoming year! The LED revolution at UCLA continues to brighten our campus, fostering a well-lit, sustainable, and cost-efficient future for all.