It’s “Safety First” for FM’s Sheetmetal and Roofing Technicians

Dodd Hall roof access

During a recent inspection of the Dodd Hall roof, it became apparent to Maintenance & Alterations Director Doug Grode and to Carlos Montoya, Manager of FM’s Paint, Mason, Roofing and Sign Shops, that the existing Dodd Hall roof access route was very clumsy and potentially unsafe.  The Sheetmetal Shop was subsequently able to modify existing louvers in a penthouse machine room to now allow for a far more accessible and safe access route onto this roof area.   The FM team has taken the prior roof access route out of service and installed new directions for staff to reach the new, safer access area.  FM is extremely grateful to the employees who were involved in this innovative work, including Lorenzo Villanueva, Carlos Montoya, Filberto Perez and Tracy Hanamoto. Well done!

Existing louvers were modified to create a much safer access point.