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Holiday Closure

Winter Closure

The campus will again be closing most non-essential campus buildings during the upcoming Winter Holiday period of Saturday, December 23, 2023 through Tuesday, January 2, 2024. The campus will reopen on Wednesday, January 3, 2024. Selected buildings and facilities identified by the Deans and Vice Chancellors as essential for continuation of needed services will remain open or partially open.

Building Services

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) will be significantly reduced in buildings that will be primarily unoccupied. Building services will be maintained for designated areas requiring conditioned air to protect artifacts, instruments, vivaria and research materials. Cooling will be provided to protect electronic equipment in server rooms, critical data and voice rooms and hub rooms. For other areas, exceptions to the planned shutdown of HVAC systems will be limited to only situations where the shutdown will clearly have a severe adverse impact. Custodial services will be reduced. HVAC building support will continue to be maintained in buildings that remain open. Please refer to the attached list for building status.

The following conditions will apply in buildings that are largely unoccupied:

  • Building ventilation will be turned off where heating and cooling is not required and will be reduced where occupancy is reduced.
  • Building heating will be turned off (unless there is a need to maintain minimum temperatures).
  • Building cooling will be turned off (unless there is a need to limit maximum temperatures).
  • Hot water (to bathrooms and sinks) will not be heated in non-essential buildings, including non-patient care areas in CHS.
  • No electricity will be turned off.
  • All lighting will remain functional although lighting in unoccupied areas will be turned off at wall switches.
  • All unoccupied buildings will be locked.
  • Waste pickup and cleaning services will be reduced. Departmental space will not be cleaned. Centralized Waste Receptacles for spaces approved for essential activities will be emptied daily on 12/27, 12/28, and 12/29/2023.
  • Bathrooms for spaces approved for essential activities will be regularly inspected but will only be restocked and cleaned once per day on 12/27, 12/28, and 12/29/2023.
  • Outdoor trashcans will be emptied on 12/27, 12/28, and 12/29/2023; no other grounds services will be provided.
  • All buildings will be locked access is limited to only essential personnel who have obtained approvals from their department.
  • Weekend openings for buildings will not be provided.

Individuals occupying buildings with reduced services should dress for cool conditions and ensure that they have a key to enter the building. Carry your Bruin ID card for identification purposes. Individuals should take home any personal effects such as plants, artifacts or other items that may be adversely affected in the unconditioned rooms during this holiday period.

The Facilities Management Trouble Call Center will be staffed continuously throughout the closure period. Please contact the Trouble Call Center at (310) 825-9236 should problems arise.

Energy Saving Tips

Many of you have heard from President Napolitano and Governor Brown about UC’s goal to be the first major research university to achieve carbon neutrality. Your help is needed to save university resources and help achieve this goal. All departments, building coordinators and employees are requested to please support reducing energy costs by implementing the following power conservation measures over the holiday closure:

  • Turn off all approved personal appliances including fans, radios and desk lamps.
  • Turn off all office equipment including computers, monitors, printers, plotters, facsimile machines, shredders, and overhead task lights.
  • Set local thermostats to low or off.
  • Turn off all equipment in computer labs.
  • Turn off all unnecessary lights, including overhead lighting, lighting in unoccupied rooms, equipment and storage areas. Reduce overhead lighting, decorative lighting, signage and other lighting inside and out not necessary for security and safety.
  • Maintain security and safety lighting at the lowest acceptable levels.
  • Turn off all approved kitchen/lunch room appliances, including refrigerators, microwaves, toaster ovens and coffee pots. Ensure that refrigerators are defrosted while staff is present to monitor for any possible leaks.
  • Turn off all specialty equipment that will not be used over the campus closure period.
  • Close fume hood sashes when not in use.
  • Close all windows and exterior doors.

Pre-closure Questions

  • Building Systems and Energy: (310) 221-1794
  • Custodial: (310) 206-8850
  • Grounds & Waste Management: (310) 825-1827

Closure Emergency Contacts

  • Trouble Call Center (310) 825-9236
  • Hazmat and Fire: 911
  • Fleet Maintenance (800) 825-2963
  • UCLA Police Department ( 310) 825-1491

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