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Grounds Team Beautifies Campus Landscape, Saves Water


The FM Grounds Team continued their staunch and successful efforts to beautify our campus landscape and save water over the summer by replacing “thirsty” grass turf panels with native, drought tolerant plants.  Pictured below are before and after photos of a portion of the 13,642 square feet of turf replaced adjacent to Moore Hall.   The crew teamed with Grounds leadership to secure a rebate from LADWP that paid for nearly half the project, which was completed in July.  


The Grounds team is currently working on a similar, 14,826 square foot turf replacement around Murphy Hall that is scheduled for completion in early September. These projects are critical to FM’s efforts to meet our water consumption reduction mandates.

The Grounds leadership team was quick to recognize and thank the crew members who worked tirelessly on these projects, including Rafael Batres, Ezequiel Alvarez, Carmelo Perez, Anthony Bracamonte, Angel Nungaray, Robert Medina, Greg Leblanc, Glenn Yamanouye, Luis Rendon, and the irrigation crew, Guillermo Serrer, Martin Castillo, and Conrado Rodriguez.