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FM Sign Shop Crafts Awards Showcase


The Department of Psychology commissioned FM’s Sign Shop in crafting a unique awards display for their school. Housed in Pritzker Hall, the exhibit was to showcase recipients of the “Distinguished Teaching Assistant” and “Distinguished Dissertation” awards.

Signmaker Lars Peterson took on this project, one which presented some challenges. Upon reviewing the architectural drawings, he recognized immediately how to achieve the various tints needed for the concept. Lars was aware that Plexiglas was not available in stock tints that changed in varying intensity or value from a beginning color.  To produce a multi layered effect, he used clear vinyl in various hues. In addition to mapping out the fabrication portion, the design team had to determine how to mount the delicate Plexiglas. This entailed multiple job walks and shared specs with the Carpenter Shop, the Fire Marshal and EH&S.

Following weeks of planning, the finished job was unveiled before the campus closure in December 2023. In a comment echoed by the client, Lars said, “It was extremely labor intensive but it brought me great satisfaction seeing my vision become a reality.”