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FM Progressing on Campus-Directed Multi-Stall GIRR Conversions

GIRR Conversions

One of the many positive outcomes of California’s Gender Recognition Act, signed into law on October 15, 2017, is the required conversion of a multi-stall gender specific restroom to a multi-stall gender inclusive restroom (GIRR) in every campus building.  FM has taking the bull by the horns on this initiative and has already completed five multi-stall GIRRs, including Law 1437, Broad Art 1276, Knudson B-163A, SAC B-60 and Bunche Hall 7253.

Pictured below left is Bunch Hall 7253, which was an existing, single use GIRR with two stalls and two urinals.  FM simply installed a matching partition to enclose the urinals such that this room became a true multi-stall GIRR available to more than one user at a time.

In SAC B-60, pictured below right, the FM plumbing shop removed three urinals and replaced them with two toilets, creating a multi-stall GIRR featuring four stalls, the largest number of stalls in a UCLA multi-stall GIRR to date.

FM continues to charge to completion by early November 2023 on multi-stall GIRR's in Boelter Hall 5269A, Public Affairs 5267A and Math Sciences 8319B.  Meanwhile, planning and estimating is ongoing for a multi-stall GIRR conversion in both Engineering 4 and Engineering 5.

These important restroom conversions are increasing restroom facility equity across the UCLA campus for our campus community and are a true reflection of FM’s innovation and technical skills.