FM Leadership Distributes Hand Sanitizer at Annual Staff Picnic!

lined up bottles of hand sanitizer at the staff picnic

As we celebrated the return of the UCLA All Staff picnic this August with fantastic food, entertainment and fellowship for faculty and staff, Facilities Management was on hand to remind attendees to stay safe and sanitized. Representatives from Facilities Management greeted long lines of party-goers with bottles of hand sanitizer to help promote sustained safe gathering practices and sanitation awareness as we continue to navigate the COVID 19 pandemic and other public health concerns.

Picnic-goers received 16 oz. bottles of Purell and had a chance to meet some of our department leaders while they waited to enter the festivities. Thanks to these volunteers we were able to distribute nearly 3,500 bottles of sanitizer to our Bruin community colleagues to help everyone enjoy this well-earned social gathering with confidence.

Facilities Management Volunteers

  • Suzanne Gagliano
  • Greg Luna
  • Rene Lydon
  • Stacey Ross
  • Lizett Martinez
  • Karen Whitman
  • Justin Wisor
  • Kikei Wong
  • Chris Woo
  • Ying Yang