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FM Enhances Sustainability and Efficiency Through LED Retrofit Projects

Before (left) and after (right) of a hallway in Knudsen Hall.

Before (left) and after (right) of a hallway in Knudsen Hall.

In pursuit of sustainable and efficient energy solutions, UCLA’s Facilities Management Department is spearheading an impressive array of LED retrofit projects across campus. These projects are officially underway once again with four separate lighting retrofits completed since February.  This thrilling initiative revolutionizes the organization’s approach to lighting systems, allowing the University’s staff, students, and visitors to benefit from high quality light while drastically reducing energy consumption. These projects involve replacing outdated lighting technologies with cutting-edge LED fixtures, bringing multifaceted benefits to both the environment and the organization. In many cases, the installations are performed by our very own Electrical Shop!

One of our recently completed installations at UCLA’s Knudsen Hall serviced the corridors, elevator lobbies, restrooms, and stairwells of the building, swapping over 1,000 bulbs. This installation is estimated to save over 124,000 KWH this year, a cost savings of roughly $18,600! With several additional installs currently under way, and a number of projects slated to begin in the coming months, the retrofits will be continuing across UCLA’s campus.

knudsen hall hallway
After of an LED retrofit