Custodial New Year Preparations

three members of the custodial floor care team cleaning a hallway floor

The halls of knowledge are shining once more, thanks to the efforts of our floor care team.

Custodial Services is hard at work brightening up corridors and common spaces to greet new occupants for the start of Fall term. Summer is a demanding season for Facilities Management, and while many of us enjoy last-minute vacations or organize plans for the coming academic year, our floor care crews are busy buffing, scrubbing and waxing hard flooring across campus, providing us with fresh work and study spaces and removing marks left behind by campus social-distancing initiatives.

Working primarily overnight, the floor care team services an average of 20 work orders per week while continuing to train on updated equipment and cleaning processes, ensuring our Bruin community enjoys clean and comfortable spaces year-round.

Our floor care colleagues recently completed a 56,000 square foot stripping & waxing project in Powell Library while simultaneously carrying out yearly obligations in Lab Schools 1 and 2, over 35,000 square feet of project area, in the ramp up to the new school year.

Custodial Supervisors Victor Cedano and Ray Romero are leading the push to restore and refresh hard flooring around campus while executing a multitude of other special work requests and keeping up with regular building cleaning schedules.

Mr. Cedano is enthusiastic about this seasonal work and relishes sharing his knowledge with his team to advance their skills.

“I'm very delighted to welcome all students with the enhancement of our floor restoration such as stripping and waxing and buffing on some of the hallways in our buildings.  Our team has been very supportive and dedicated to improving the quality of our service for our students and building occupants. I'm very satisfied with the response of our small [team] of stripping and waxing [staff] that within a very short period of time have been learning floor care service from my 35 years of experience.”

Newly-promoted supervisor Romero attributes the success of recent initiatives to the consistent dedication of our custodial staff and improved communication within the team to maximize effectiveness. Romero highlighted the contribution of Jose Molina, a lead custodian and Facilities Management team member since 1989.

“I lean on him heavily for his flooring expertise [and] he has definitely been a staple for the flooring crew for every supervisor and makes my job a lot easier.”

If you’ve noticed a renewed gleam in your work area in recent weeks, thank a member of the floor care staff, including Evarardo Flores, Jorge Cuiniche, Lawrence Bush, Jose Molina, Jose Alvarez, Carlos Ramirez, Cirilo Galindez, Juan Morales, Martin Correa, Patricia Miranda, Angel Rodriguez, Eduardo Linares, Ernesto Rosa, Froylan Solis and Uriel Quintanilla.

If you are interested in floor cleaning services for your work area, please visit Custodial Services online at

floor care team member buffing the floor
floor care team member cleaning steps
floor care team member cleaning floor
floor care team member cleaning floor