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COVID-19 Signage

Due to COVID-19, we have new protocols to follow while working/studying in UCLA spaces. To help navigate this new environment, Facilities Management has professionally printed and installed signage in most common/public areas. The signs were designed by the Physical Distancing Working Group under the Future Planning Task Force.

For your convenience, we have created a series of signage templates that can be downloaded and printed from your local printer and placed in your immediate area. Please ensure you follow the UCLA Departmental Regulations for Posting Signage. If you would like professionally printed signage for your immediate areas, please see the “Production Signage Orders” section below.

Downloadable Signage


General Reopening Sign

General Reopening Signage with URL QR Code2


Event Entry signage

covid19 event entry signage



    TV Screen Graphics

    safety guidelines
    Shared Equipment - Hands
    Shared Equipment - Surfaces


    Handwashing sign

    The following sign has been placed in campus restrooms. It can also be used for other sink areas. 

    be safer bruins - wash hands


    Face Covering Signs

    face covering droplet protection.png


    Shared Equipment

    COVID19 Shared Equipment





    Archived/Not currently in use

    Production Signage Orders 

    To place an order of professionally printed signage, please fill out a Facilities Service Request.